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"I've heard rumors of this Plan Blue," said Farlan, a slight man with blond hair. "What is it?"

"Say," commented Farlan after a moment, "I don't seem to have any sunburn lotion."

Jonner cast a glance down the line of his companions, but they were too far separated for him to see whether any of them was talking into his helmet microphone.

They ran up the ramp. Jonner, first to reach the port, stopped and tried to watch his companions as they hurried past him. Tyruss was fumbling at some control on the belt of his marsuit. His radio channel control?

He would not tell them more than that now; he hoped to trap the spy when they approached The Egg.

Their timing was just right. Thirty minutes later The Egg would swing around the limb of Mars, in line of sight with Marsport. But so far there had been no chance for The Egg to receive a radio warning of the stolen G-boat.

Jonner floated to the other side of the control deck and moved around behind the control board. He was busy disconnecting wires, a few minutes later, when he heard an exclamation from Tyruss.

"Wasn't there another one in this gang, Robbo?" asked another.

"I don't know," disclaimed Aron. "They woke us up. They had heat-guns then. Wessfeld tried to reach his, and they shot him. Stein and Farlan were already in the airlock when they brought me down."

Jonner had at last let the others know, as he should have before, that one of them was a spy. But he would not tell them, as he had told Tyruss, that he had disconnected the radio transmitter. Let the spy try to get in touch with Marscorp now!

"You forget. Stein and Wessfeld arrived together from Charax, at the rendezvous. They had to be clean."

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